Sep 262011


Most people bathe several times a week, considering it a hygienic necessity and automatic part of their day to day lives. The act of community bathing, which functioned as a social network in the age before computers, has become sadly neglected in the fast pace of the modern world. Where once friendships, business deals, and gossip were exchanged over a relaxing soak from Rome to Russia, today’s bather is more apt to multi-task alone with everything from televisions to radios being installed in shower walls. Next time you’re considering a leisurely bath, why not bring your partner in to relax with you, or pick up the phone to chat with a friend? It’s easy to devote the time and attention needed for good conversation without the distractions of folding laundry, cooking, or other chores. Take a forced time out, brew up a bubble bath, and enjoy the results of a more rewarding connection!

When taking a quick shower in the morning, don’t be afraid to indulge. Just because you only have a few minutes to spare before work or school doesn’t mean that washing up should be anything less than enjoyable. Supplement your shower with some relaxing music, light a few scented candles, or try out some special shower-specific fizzy tablets. These scented tabs are placed on the floor of the shower, slowly dissolving as water droplets fall, releasing essential oil blends intended to do anything from waking up the user to clearing their lungs if they’re under the weather. Other accessories, such as a mounted foot scrubber or textured loofah, can join your shower routine to slough off dead skin and leave you looking radiant and refreshed almost instantly.

When stepping out of your bath or shower, don’t reach for that same tired old towel with the rough surface. Treat yourself to a soft Egyptian cotton towel or a turkish bathrobe to dry off in supreme comfort. A great investment in your well-being, these luxury bath items keep you warm and dry as you continue with your grooming rituals and feel sensational as well. Pick up a cotton mat for outside the shower and you can take your time to dry off in indulgent softness after every soak or rinse.

With very little effort, you can turn your ordinary bathroom into a special spa just for you! A few unique and affordable additions can turn the simple act of bathing into an experience that will have you smiling all day long.