Mar 142011

Kimono Robe

Americans do not include the word “kimono” in their vocabulary, but the word is beginning to appear in American companies who sell robes. Kimonos are a traditional Japanese garment worn by both women and men.

If an elderly Japanese couple is seen wearing a kimono, they likely appreciate traditional values. However, for some members of the Japanese culture, such as dancers or geishas, the kimono is worn as well.

Kimonos are made of silk and are usually very expensive. They are generally one-of-a-kind, which means that your kimono design will not be duplicated in another kimono design.

The garments are worn with an obi, otherwise known as a sash. The sash holds it in place. In addition, with the traditional dress, special shoes known as gate or sore are worn with a kimono. One of the main differences between a men’s kimono and a women’s are the sleeves. Women’s sleeves are deeper on kimonos than men’s

The American kimono is not actually a kimono, but in the spirit of a kimono. Consider it a robe. The best robes are usually the most comfortable, more so than the most elaborate. A waffle kimono bathrobe, for example, is a great item to wear after a shower or just around the house.

Oct 202010

The unexpected increase in the silk yarn prices has decreased the purchasing power of weavers. Some of the looms have been closing down, leaving contract weavers and jobless employees behind. In the State of Assam which is the northern state of India, master weavers are agreed that under these conditions it’s hard to maintain and continue doing heritage business.

In January 2010, one kilogram of silk yarn was $32.42 but when in the months of July and August the prices jumped up to $56.67, which is almost 75% in 8 months. It is also expected to increase more.