Monogrammed towels and bathrobes are quite signs of elegance in the bathroom. Letters, names, or small messages can be embroidered into the bathroom towel fabrics in a very sophisticated manner. Originally, imprinted family crests or lettering was added to prized possessions in wealthy homes to guard against pilfering. Today, the old monogramming traditions linger on as a way to enhance the fine bath accessories in our homes.

Elegant Monogrammed Towels and Bathrobe Gifts:

Elegant monogrammed towels and bathrobes are always popular gift choices to make. A set of towels, hand towels, and washcloths can be assembled for gift purposes at a very reasonable price. Then, the personalized lettering can be embroidered into the fabric of the gift towel collection from a selection of 21 different Isacord thread colors.

Monogrammed Towels Price
3-Piece Towel Set $9.95
Per Item $5
Bathrobes $2

Isacord embroidery threads produce a long-lasting satiny monogram that holds-up under the constant rubbing motions and laundering that our favorite bathroom towels often endure. Isacord embroidery threads are the best choice for all monogrammed towels and active-use bathrobes.

Monogrammed Towels: The Alphabet and Letter Styles

Traditionally, monograms were hand-sewn onto towels in a decorative format that used the three identifying initials of the property owner. In the past, middle names were often female family names that passed through generations unchanged by marriages. During the days when more than one generation shared a home, the middle initial on a monogram was enlarged as a sign of respect to elder family members or ancestors.

Today, monogrammed towels have letters that represent many different types of things beyond simple property ownership. Monogrammed towels can hold business names, initials of both husband and wife, or the nicknames of their owners. There are many different types of letter styles to choose from that can personalize your gift towel set.

Traditional monogrammed towels or whimsical monogrammed towel sets for children or pets are all available at very reasonable prices right now. Gift towels are an elegant gift choice that offers an outstanding value for your money. For the price, it is hard to find a nicer gift than that of long-lasting monogrammed towels or bathrobes.

* Please allow us 2-3 business days for shipment for monogrammed item orders. Monogrammed items cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned.

1. Casual script

2. Curly q script

3. Diamond

4. English revival

5. Exact script

6. Atilla

7. Feather

8. High pockets

9. Caroline

10. Kid block

11. Ornates

12. Old english

13. Tibet

14. Twin script

15. Uniblock